Oak Cliff Engagement Session

Emily and Joel are celebrating their 5th dating anniversary today, so what a perfect day to share their engagement session! I had met Emily because she was my kids' incredible (and so, so patient) art teacher at Oil and Cotton, a local art workshop and store that is one of my favorite things about our neighborhood.

Joel and I met for the first time at their shoot but the two of them are so kind and chill together that it felt like we were already friends. Oh! And Lupa, their gorgeous pup joined us for a bit. I can't stop myself from loving a cute dog. My favorite part of the session was when they somewhat sheepishly told me that they wanted to do a picture I might find silly, but I told them its hard to surprise me, so lets go for it. They brought a quilt that they duck under like kids in a blanket fort whenever they have something big to tell each other—its how they first said they loved each other. You guys, this is THE SWEETEST thing and I love it so much. When couples let their personalities and stories and quirks come through in their sessions it makes it 1000x better.