working together

I love working with couples who look for beauty in everything; those who share smiles and kindness as easily as they breathe. Are you excited to try new things? Do you think art is part of everyday life? Do you look for the best in others?  If you answered yes, then hello, you are my people. 


I love making photographs for people that not only document an important event, but also evoke a mood or feeling that is bigger than any one moment. Genuine emotion beats formality every time, which takes vulnerability. Life is too short for anything else. My goal as your wedding photographer is to connect with you, and capture what is real and true and good about your relationship so that you have a visual memento to share with the next generation. I want our time together to be the most fun and stress-free part of wedding planning. A memorable experience rather than an item on your to-do list. On your wedding day, I strive to be present and pay attention to every detail so I can tell the story of your wedding in a way that instantly brings you back to all of the emotions of the day when you look at your photos in five, ten, twenty+ years. These photos aren't just about looking gorgeous (which you will), but about your family legacy; past, present, and future. 

You can book me solo or add a second shooter to your wedding package. Not sure what you want? Let's talk through the details of your wedding! Inquire here.